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Date:  May 21,2014


Tide:          Outgoing

Time:         5:45 am

Weather:   winds N @ 5knts,


General Location: East of FI Inlet


Bait/Lure:    Berkley gulp


Fish:           Fluke and Bluefish

Quantity:    3/Fluke and 10/Bluefish

Largest::     22" Fluke



Comments: Very disappointing day on the water. Started out getting bait at 5:00am. Three tosses of the net and off we went with plenty of live Bunker. Bounced from spot to spot looking for Bass and Weakfish. All that we could find  were a bunch of Bluefish. I decided to do some Fluke fishing.  2 minutes in, I catch a nice Fluke(5LBS). I thought we were going to have a great day. However that would be it. We caught 1 other small Fluke.  Rand caught several big Bluefish


I netted that Hickory Shad(bottom right).

I found that Hogchoker down at the beach washed up.

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