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Date:  May 17 2014


Tide:          Incoiming

Time:         9:45 am

Weather:   winds w @ 5-15knts,


General Location: East of FI light house


Bait/Lure:    Top Water Plugs,Diamond Jigs, Mister Twister(green and pink)


Fish:           Bluefish, Weakfish

Quantity:    all that you wanted!

Largest::     29"



Comments: I thought I was going to spend the day Fluking. On the way we came across a massive school of bluefish hammering spearing at the surface. John made quick work of a few and off we went. However we never made it to the Fluke grounds. Captain Kirk put John and himself on a huge school of Weakfish. Every drift produced several fish. Most fish were in the range of 5-7lbs. Awesome action on light tackle.


The gracious Captain even invited his buddies Sal and Brad to join the party. They also hooked up multiple times


Weakfish are like Mackinaw Peaches, they are only around for a few weeks... Seinfeld anyone?.










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