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Date April 21, 2015







If history repeats itself I'm about 2 weeks away from catching my first fish of the season.


Instead of upgrading to a bigger used boat we decided to make some big upgrades to the one that we have owned for the last 3 years. We added a new FF/GPS/Radar unit. We also added a new radio and speakers.  We didn't stop there... If new outriggers weren't enough, we added 2 brand new 200hp fourstroke Yamaha engines that come with 6 years of warranty! Along with upgrades to the boat, It would take me severeal pages to list all the new fishing gear. 


Last year we saw 3 boat records beat. I predict we will see the same this year. In fact I'm betting that Black Seabass, Mahimahi, and Weakfish boat records will be broken. I also expect us to land the boat's first White Marlin and Wahoo.


I don't think I have ever been this excited to start a season. All my gear is ready to go and all my nets have been patched. I have already written a few articles that will be published later this year. I will be doing the offshore column again for The Fisherman Magazine which will begin in late May. I hope to have Gina back out there with me when we do another episode of The Fisherman TV


Get ready - it's about to start! 









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