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Date: August 1, 2014




Tide:          Outgoing

Time:         5:00 am

Weather:   winds Variable 5-10kts


General Location: Coimbra


Bait/Lure:   Spreader bars/Joe Shutes/Ballyhoo

Fish:           1 BFT/ 3 YFT

Largest::     51" 78lbs



I jumped aboard the "Aunt B" with Rand and Dave. It didn't take long. As we were busy getting our 9 rod spread in the water, a bird with a Joe Shute rigged with a ballyhoo got whacked. . The Bluefin hit so quick that we only had three of our nine lines in the water. 20 minutes later the fish was in the boat. What a great way to start the day. A few hours go by and we find ourselves 6 miles south of the Coimbra in 75 degree water!  We finally get another fish on. It's a mahimahi. The fight didn't last too long. As you can see no one is holding up a mahi in these pictures. It's ok, it was only about 10lbs. After that we landed a small Yellowfin tuna that we tossed backed. 10 minutes later we circled back and picked up 2 more yft. These two went into the box. The last fish of the day was another mahi. Once again you don't see a picture of a mahi. It's ok he wasn't my white whale. I was able to sleep very good last night despite losing those 2 mahi. We seem to work well out on the water together. Thank you to Rand and Dave for the invite and the great day.

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