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August 10th, 2018




Rand, Chris, Steve and I headed to the Dip/Claw area on Friday.  It didn't take long, with only 3 rods in the spread our starboard side long rigger gets whacked. Line is coming off the reel at a frantic pace. We settle in with Steven on the rod. At this point I have a hunch it's a marlin. Tuna dive deep, this fish stayed on top however it didn't show itself for a good 20 minutes. We actually got the fish close to the boat at one point.  However , after about a half hour the fish made a spectacular run and spit the hook. It was a blue marlin. Just click on the video to see it tail walk.


That would be it until we moved closer to shore and found some mahi.  It was a great day except the wind never laid down as predicted. I'm going to take a  short rest from chasing tuna and do some ocean fluking this week.















































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