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Date: August 11, 2014



Time:         9:00 am

Weather:   winds s 5-10kts


Location:    FI Inlet


Bait/Lure:   spearing/squid

Fish:           fluke (10)/BSB (5)/ Bluefish (1)/

Largest::     17"



Still exhausted from the overnighter I did the other day, Gina and I decided to do some exploring. Thanks to Jude and Johnny I discovered the mother load of mullet (great bait). A long with the mullet there were a few blowfish in the cast net. Never get tired of seeing them. They are edible however these were way too small. These blowfish are not poisonuos.

So we headed out looking for mahi. I had one place in mind. The water is so warm (75 degrees) that these fish are very close to shore. My hunch was right.  The good news... I found them. The bad news is we couldn't put any in the fish box. Those mullet will help me catch them the next time out.

After getting frustrated with the mahi we decided to head for the reef and look for some black seabass. I found them but they were small..

After the reef we moved a little closer to the inlet and began to pick away at some fluke. I'm excited that there seems to be a good ocean bite right now. The wind quickly picked up and forced us inside.

I put the fluke rigs away and started to look for weakfish. I found a few. That is very good news. If the ocean is unfishable at least I can target something in the bay. 


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