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Date:          August 14th, 2015


Time:          5 am


Wind:         calm


Location:   Shinnecock


Bait/Lure:   Squid/trolling


Fish:          30 mahi






Great day on the water with Rand and Dave Marshall on board Rand's boat the "Aunt B." Little bummed about no tuna but catching a 20 pound mahi cures those blues. The east winds from last week blew in some really nice warm blue water. In fact at one point we had sea-surface temps reading 78 degrees. As you can see from the picture with the fish box open, we had no problem catching a ton of mahi. Not only did I catch my biggest, but so did Rand. His cow probably weighed about 18 pounds, and my bull weighed in at 20 pounds on the dot. Dave also had a nice mahi but we were a little too lazy and tired to snap a picture at that point. It was a long day that ended with a Key West style sunset. It's a little difficult snapping pictures at 24kts but I thought the two with the boat going by came out pretty nice.




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