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Date: August 16, 2014



Time:         5:00 am

Weather:   winds s 10-15kts


Location:    FI Inlet


Bait/Lure:   spearing/squid

Fish:           fluke (7)/BSB (5)

Largest::     21"



We left the dock with 14 rods on board.The game plan was to head out about 20 miles and start looking around for some mahimahi. That plan  quickly changed once we got to the inlet. Winds were already blowing close to 15kts. We didn't feel like getting our butts kicked heading out 20 miles. We decided to hang in the ocean and drift around looking for some fluke. Gina out fished the Captain today. We got tired of being blasted by the wind so we called it a day.Very rarely do we ever cook the fish we catch that same day, but we did tonight. I used our shrimp scampi recipe and used fluke instead of shrimp. It came out great. The offshore weather looks tough this week. It's killing me knowing that there are a lot of pelagic so close but I can't get to them!


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