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It's been a tough year. Most trips seem to be cut in half by the weather. Way to many days of east winds. I got out on Thursday with Brian, JP and Chris. We only managed one nice yellow and a bunch of mahi. The mahi were plentiful but they lacked quality.  Our lone tuna once again fell to a Sterling watermelon color dial tracker.


Once the wind kicked up I started to troll home. I never have a problem highlighting my mistakes. I should have ran out the clock where we picked up that yellow. There was a ton of bait. I wasted 2 hours trolling towards home. It was lifeless. 

You can see where we fished on the Terrafin map. We fished a 4 degree temp break between those two points. 

Hopefully after the next storm coming through the Atlantic things will get nice and give us a few long days out there. 







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