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August 25th 2022

JP, Michael, Chris and I pushed off at 3:30. We were down to just one livewell. The small one had loose connections that we discovered a few hours ago. So that meant all the snappers I caught would need to go into the large well with the peanut bunker. We finally found the right size bait however it was a disaster. As we opened up the livewell we saw that most of our bunker and all of the snappers were dead! Japanese red sea weed clogged the drains. I guess we didn't remove all of it when it went into the well with the live peanuts. 

We were able to pick off a few decent mahi despite having anything decent to throw at them. Even though we were deep 300' the water wasn't really that clean. It was green/blue. 


We ended the day going 5/6 on nice size YFT. Once again my crew worked their butts off. We kept 4, I have implemented a one tuna per person rule. If you are throwing a party or you actually will eat frozen tuna then I have no problem bringing a few more home. . Tuna have a lot of meat on them.  

It was a great trip until my auto pilot went out on me. It hasn't been a good boat year. I just hope I can figure it out. I have a feeling that I will be removing my EPS steering this winter. 

My nephew Matthew is due into Islip tonight at 11:55, oh boy I just checked, his flight is delayed until 2am. Thankfully tomorrow is not an offshore day or he would be going straight to the boat.  Hopefully we can get 2 days offshore while he is here for the week. I plan on asking him to build us another filet table. 

















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