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August 26th, 2017





I haven't posted in a while. Still having some medical issues.




Gina and I did an afternoon trip out to the Coimbra. Didn't see any life. Water color was a little better than what I was expecting. Despite the East wind we crusied out doing 34mph. We had a great day. Gina landed 2 mahi that both weighed in at 16lbs. We also caught a bunch of smaller mahi under a floating log (pictured top right). We also had a bunch of false albies on the troll. The wind really dropped out late in the day and we headed for the barn around 6:30 just beating the day's sun.


That half digested fish was taken from one of the big mahi. IT'S A SMALL MAHI!!!


The 2 big mahi and all the albies were caught on speader bars.

The small mahi under the log were all caught on live peanut bunker.


This week looks very windy.



















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