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Date: August 29, 2014



Time:         8:00 am

Weather:   winds s 10-15kts


Location:    Blue Point


Bait/Lure:   Chicken/Snappers

Fish:           24 Blue Claws

Largest::     7"



Finally, the blue claws have showed up. What a great way to spend a morning. I threw out two traps last night and checked them in the morning. Terrible, only 3 crabs. I went old school after I checked the traps. Chicken on hand lines. This method produced a lot of crabs today. I had at least two dozen. With Gina at work I had to also net them. I only lost about 5 crabs, not bad for being solo. I picked up a few as they swam by also. Snappers that are cut into chunks work great as an alternative. Just toss them out on a hook. You would be shocked at how many crabs you will be reeling in. REEL SLOW!

As you can see I like to clean my crabs before I cook them. It allows your old bay seasoning to get onto the meat instead of just the shell as if you cooked them whole. I use a hose to blast out the non-edible stuff. I promise you won't lose any meat. Plus its so much nicer for you and your guests when they don't have to deal with that part of the crab while you are eating them. Legal limit is 4.5" I only kept those that were at least 5". I have never once taken a female crab. Wether it had egges or not.


Crabs free

Clams free

shrimp $10

corn $2a


We just finished our feast. It was awesome! We had some leftover that we will turn into crab cakes. You can find these recipes by just clicking the recipe tab


The fluke and the seabass were released.





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