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Date:          August 29th, 2015


Time:          5 am


Wind:         calm


Location:   Coimbra


Bait/Lure:   trolling


Fish:          4 Skipjack tuna


As Gina and I pulled out of our canal, we were treated to the coolest moon that either of us had ever seen. It was big, bright orange and glistening on the flat bay. To the east I snapped a picture of that morning's sunrise.


If I'm starting off talking about anything other than fish, you probably already guessed that the fishing sucked. All that we caught were 4 skipjack tuna. They are cool to look at but terrible to eat. So back they went.


There was no shortage of life. We saw tons of whales and turtles, and as you can see we had some fun with some dolphins. The seas were flat, the water was blue and 75 degrees. We didn't catch what we were looking for but who can complain when you get to hang out with nature on a level that most will never experience.

















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