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August 31st 2020


It was suppose to be windy in the morning so we pushed off at 7am. So much for it being windy. The ride out was one of the nicest of the year. On our way out to find Mahi we came across slick water, tuna chicks and the odor of tuna feeding below. It didn't take long until we hooked up with our first BFT. It was an under. As you can see from the screen shots we had no problem hooking up. After about an hour we decided to head towards the Little Tails and do some pot hopping. There were a lot of very small mahi. This has been the worst year that I have seen for mahi. We pull up on our second pot and we toss in a few mullet. To our surprise a white marlin appears and starts to eat the mullet. It was amazing to see just how fast and agile these fish are. After that I decided to get up on the troll. I put out a marlin spread and sure enough we get a knock down that lasted about 3 seconds. We never got to see what it was but the line was flying off the reel. After that we headed back to the tuna grounds. The tuna were still there. Sean who is 13 was the high hook by far. I think his final count was 11 BFT. We were having a blast jigging them up. Just like last week big fish made their appearance. As we were jigging several big fish were started to slam bait on the surface. However they were just out of casting range for our poppers.  Very frustrating! the wind and seas started to get ugly so we headed home around 6pm. I'm glad I got this day in with the weather that we have had lately. 

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