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August 31st 2019


We headed out to the Coimbra area. The ride out was rough. When we first got in the area we found a floating rubber alligator. Armed with tons of live peanut bunker Sean hooked up with the largest mahi among the school. There were a lot of mahi. 


We were all smiles until I informed the crew that I had a hook stuck in my finger.  I tried to pull it out but it caused too much pain. I tried to push it through but it caused too much pain. We just got out there so I really didn't want to head back in. So I instructed the crew what needed to be done. Brian wrapped a 60 pound leader around the hook and I placed my finger on the eye of the hook to allow it to be pulled out. The first try didn't work. Yes I just wrote the first try. When Brian pulled I wasn't holding my finger. So he basically pulled my finger. Ouch! On the second try I held my finger and Brian was able to rip it cleanly out.  After the hook removal we went back to catching mahi.


We found tons of life out there but we didn't find any BFT. All that we found were false albies. Thankfully the ocean laid down and made the ride home an easy one.























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