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8/3/2023 & 8/6/2023


2 for 1 offshore reports..


8/3, It was just JP and I. Long story short..Coimbra to the Ranger was lifeless. On the way home we found where the fish were but it was too late. The wind chased us home. We did manage to put a decent yellow in the box before it was over.

Before I talk about my trip yesterday I would like to mention that I can't control what my crew wears. Chris for some reason likes to wear black slickers in the middle of the summer. I also think he likes to wear them backwards. 

8/6, it was a good trip. We went 3/4 on yft. we would have landed all 4 but I screwed up. I'm very fortunate to be able to pick which inlet(Moriches or FI) to run out of. I have learned a lot about wave direction and wind direction. Based on those two conditions I left out of Moriches and headed SW. We had a dry ride while doing 30kts. If i would have came out of FI it would have been bumpy, slower and wet. It was an early bite. As the ocean started to lay down so did the bite. All 4 fish were caught on a sterling tackle watermelon color dial tracker that I fish tight to the boat.







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