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August 4th 2022


DO NOT SWIM IN THE OCEAN! The amount of sharks on the bunker pods is insane! Along with all the bunker and sharks are some very tasty critters. Cobia are a white solid filet that  looks a lot like striped bass but firmer. It was our first time fishing for them and we were successful. We boated 3, keeping our legal limit (2 per boat) in just 3 hours of fishing. 

Here are a a few things that may help you out if you are targeting them for the first time. 

1. Go on a sunny day. It's a very visual fishery. 

2. Snag a bunker and then bring it back to the boat and place on a rod with a circle hook. Do not use any weight. 

3. You may need to pod hop a lot. Every pod we hit had sharks and only a few had cobia.

4. Keep your bait up high in the water column.  

5. Bring a lot of hooks.  

6. Sometimes it's not easy to tell them apart from a shark.

Thank you Brian for running your boat to the cobia grounds... that sounds funny but yet awesome. Brian actually had the biggest cobia of the day. It was 42lbs but we tossed it back because we had our limit. 

I get to see some crazy stuff in the ocean. Yesterday we got to see a manta ray in 30 feet of water. The wing span had to be at least 12 feet.


I dropped the boat off yesterday at Accurate Marine. I can't believe that they already had the Suzukis off the boat! So close.  

















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