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Date:          Aug 5th,  2016


Time:          5am 


Location:    Coimbra Wreck

Lure:          peanuts/squid






One small skipjack tuna until 1pm. Then it all changed. Trolling is basically a lot of down time with a sprinkle of pure adrenaline.


As I looked to my left I spotted a big log with two branches sticking out of the's mahi time. Holy Moly it's not a log, it's a marlin sunning itself. I held our course and the marlin heads right for our spread. My heart is beating so fast as the marlin enters from the side and slips out of sight. Please Please come back! WHAM BAM the far outrigger gets ripped from its clip. Ray runs for his belt and I start to clear rods. NOOOOO, Just as soon as it happened it was over.


We regroup and head back to where we first spotted the marlin. I can't believe my eyes. He is on the surface again. Ray shoots a quick video and he prepares for the wasn't meant to be. We never saw the marlin again. At this point we had no fish in the box but because of this encounter our trip would become one that we will all remember. Talk about the fish that got away.


We packed up and headed home. 30 seconds on plane I threw the boat into neutral and I knew it was mahi time. Look at that huge rope that we found. Sure enough Ray caught his first of many mahi. Took a few home for tacos and fish cakes. Great way to end the trip.


You can see the marlin's tail in the video. I wish we had recorded the first time we saw him.

























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