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August 6th, 2018





Roger, Gina and I headed out Monday morning. I thought we would start the day at the Coimbra then head deep. Because of the wind we ended up heading to the Little Tails instead. What a bust! We ran the extra 35 miles to the SE and found a lifeless ocean. We found the lobster pots but once again they were void of mahi. On the way back we finally found a floating log. We each picked up a mahi on live mullet. We went back to the Coimbra hoping for an afternoon bite that never happened for us. The wind really picked up so we decided to pull the plug.


I can't believe at how the boat handled the beam sea that we ran home in. Not a drop on us. Roger was out cold for most of the ride home as we boogied home at 38mph!!



I can't wait to get back out there.













































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