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Date:          Aug 9th,  2016


Time:          5am 


Location:    Coimbra Wreck

Lure:          Trolling lures/Ballyhoo

Fish:           YFT








What a great day on the water. Nothing big but plenty of action.We actually had to move away from all of the small yellowfin tuna. With just Gina and I, it's a lot of work under the hot sun.  After an hour we set out deeper looking for something bigger. Despite finding nice blue water we found no takers.


The small yft's were found in greenish water. I only stopped the boat because we found whales and dolphins.



They loved Joe Shutes rigged with ballyhoo and small squid spreader bars.


In the blue water we did get a shot at a few mahi however they wouldn't stay tight.


I was very excited to find sandeels, the yft were found around the sandeels.


The day almost ended very early. I let my guard down and the next thing I knew I had a huge hook in my boot. Thank God I was wearing boots.


The picture of the dolphin jumping was taken by Ray on our last trip.

























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