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Here it is, if you attended my seminar last year I talked about a "secret weapon" that I was helping to test for Sterling Tackle. It has been in the works for 2 years. They just released them for purchase on their website. 

I personally run mine off my flatlines (off the stern, closest to the boat). I run mine on dial trackers(watermelon and joker color) because it allows me to place these lures just outside my prop wash. These lures are probably responsible for catching 50% of our tuna over the last 2 years. 

I personal have only used them as stingers behind my dial trackers. However Sterling Tackle has also released them pre-rigged as a single lure. 

The old school wooden cedar plugs were very effective however many tuna were lost because of when a tuna bit down on the plug the solid wood would prevent the hook from being set. With the design of the CedarFlex tuna are able to completely close their mouths allowing for way more hook ups. 

When Sterling first sent me these lures they worked so well for us that I actually tried to buy all the Prototypes for Sterling just incase they weren't going to go into retail production for what ever reason...true story. 

The photo and both videos are from a couple of trips that I just happen to grab the camera. These aren't marketing tools from Sterling. I'm sure by now most of you can reconize the excitement in mine videos. 

Just click the banner bleow to buy the new CedarFlex from Sterling.

Don't forget to put the word fishgaak in the promo code on the check out page. Thank you. 



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