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August 9th 2020


Tough day. What made it a tough day was the distance we covered. I have never caught a wahoo so I put together a plan to hopefully catch one. Long story short, the log that you see in the photo gave me a legit shot of checking a wahoo off my bucket list. As we were hand feeding mahi in some of the nicest water that I have ever seen, a big wahoo enters stage right. It swam within 10 feet of the boat. It ate a squid and disappeared. We tried a planer and deep divers and as you can see we won't be eating wahoo anytime soon. I try to learn every time I go out. I should have caught one of the small fish under the log and live-lined it down. I thought of that idea about 24 hours too late!!!!  I will be ready for that scenario the next time. I can assure you of that. The ride out was as nice at it gets. We were already 50nm out when were able to see without the use of radar. The 98nm ride home was great except for the last 30nm. It got a little bumpy.

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