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August 23th 2020


A good day was almost a great day. I decided to stay a little closer to home. The day started out a little bumpy. Sean took a wave coming out of the inlet. Thankfully I always have a change of clothes with me. After a quick change we were on our way. The waves were coming from the SW. Thankfully we were running SE. The ocean had a tight chop. As soon as we arrived Brian jigged upped a small BFT. After that I decided to head further east. We found a fleet of boats. We pulled in and I quickly jigged up a decent YFT. As the day went on we went back to where we started. To be honest I never should have left. We got up on plane and quickly landed a YFT on a Sterling green widetracker. As you can see from the screen shots we started to mark tons of bait and tons of fish. We pulled in the spread and went back to jigging. It got silly, we probably had about 30 BFT within an hour. As the sun continued to creep towards the horizon Sean spots some fish on top. I head over there and it looks like they are small skippies. Chris throws a popper and a fish that I estimate to be in the 150-200 pound range explodes on his popper. This is finally Chris's big fish. The line is ripping of the reel. Then it just stops. I didn't want to look at Chris, I feared that I might see tears. This fish will haunt Chris for a long time. This fish will cause Chris to fish even harder. This fish would have turned a good day into a great day. Hang in there Chris, your big fish is closer than you think.   

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