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July 11th 2021



Tons of boats! I'm guessing 200 in a very small area. Unlike last year's great yellowfin tuna bite when everyone was live-baiting/chunking or jigging, yesterday there were tons of boats trolling through those trying to jig. As we were hooked up we had a boat troll by so close that I could have reached down and grabbed one of his widetrackers. It turns out that would be our only fish. I have no complaints because I know 90% of the boats went home fishless.  


14yr old Sean got the bite on the jig however he wasn't able to finish the fight. I don't blame him the fish was probably around 90lbs. In the photo it looks small. My buddy Rich was able to finish the fight. The wind picked up so we called it quits a little on the early side.

I should get another shot this week. 







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