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The Fisherman Dreamboat contest is open to all magazine subscribers. It combines all 3 regions of the magazine. This means that 30,000+ people are eligiable to weigh in a fish. We have had great success in bringing big fish to the scales. Perhaps this is the year our name gets drawn and we win the grand prize. The higher you finish, the more entries you get for the drawing.

2010 Gina places 1st in Bluefish division.

2013 Gina, Steve(caught on the Enterprise) and Myself all place in the Mahi division.

2014 Kirk places 15th in the Fluke division

2015 Kirk currently(as of 10/01) sits in 8th place in the Weakfish Division. Gina is currently in 10th place in the Mahi division, while Kirk sits 2 spots up in 8th place. The contest ends on Nov. 30th

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