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Date July 10, 2014




Tide:          Outgoing

Time:         8:30 am

Weather:   winds 5-10kts, NE


General Location: East of FI inlet


Bait/Lure:   Squid/Gulp/Spearing

Fish:           Fluke(23)

Largest::     21"



Slip Gut, Slip Gut and more Slip Gut. We finally get some fish-able winds and the day still ends up to be a struggle. Poor Matthew, he quickly catches the first fish and screams out he is up 1-0. So young and so much to learn. The final scoreboard read 17-6 in favor of the Captain. I would have loved to see the only keeper go to him but it didn't happen that way. I put a 21" in the box for some fish tacos tomorrow. I know that I sound like a broken record but..there are a lot of fish in the bay if you can keep your hooks clean.


Tomorrow is the day Matthew has been waiting for as we are on schedule to go Sharking. 3 days of terrible conditions has earned him a shot at a big fish. Fingers crossed that the hillbilly can bend a rod tomorrow and go back to Texas a happy man.








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