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July 10th, 2017





Time:          5:30am

Weather:     winds SW 5-10Kts


General Location: Coimbra


Bait/Lure:    Blue/white joe shute

Fish:            Bluefin




Thaank you Chris!!






I got a PM from Chris on


He knew that I was also heading out in the morning so we would help each other out. Not only did Chris find the fish, he begged me to come find him. As you can see from Roger's picture, we found him. A mile before we got to where Chris was fishing we could see the insanity taking place. Birds, whales dolphins and TUNA!


We did two passes hoping to hook up on the troll. Nothing, so we decided to reel in the spread and start throwing poppers. As we were reeling in the spread the waaaaaay back Joe Shute with a ballyhoo gets whacked. Roger's first tuna! Lets get him in the boat quickly and get on the fish exploding all around the boat. After all, this is a small fish, so we thought. Roger is 6'2" 240, this fish had its way with him for over an hour. This whole time we were surrounded by tuna. I was dying to hook with one. However, I'm still recovering from surgery.  I just wanted to set the hook and hand the rod to Roger. If I would have done that I think Roger would have thrown me overboard. He was exhausted.


The videos don't come close to showing what was going on. These fish were on the surface for more than 2 hours.


Once again, thank you Chris and congrats to Roger on his first tuna ever! I have never seen a day like this. SO MUCH LIFE OUT THERE















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