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Date:          July 11-12th, 2015


Time:          5am


Wind:          5kts South


Location:   Coimbra/Linda


Bait/Lure:   Bars/single lures/poppers


Fish:          1 blue shark/ 1 yft/ unlimited mahi



On Saturday I fished the Bay Shore Make Tournament on the "Fox Sea Lady." It may sound crazy to most,but it was too nice out. With little or no wind your chum just goes straight to the bottom. We tried to power drift for a while however we weren't able to entice any makos. Later in the day we came across some tinker mackerel so we decided to go back to chumming. With a little afternoon breeze we were able to get the slick going. Well, slick or no slick it just wasn't our day. The only action we had was about a 100 pound blue shark that we released. The fishing was slow but the crew was made up of a bunch of good guys.


I usually don't fish back to back offshore fishing trips, however, Gina wanted in and the weather was too nice to pass up. We headed out of Moriches Inlet around 5:30am Sunday morning. We were about 35 miles out when I finally pulled back on the throttles and we prepared to get our 8 rod spread out. It didn't take long to get our first shot at a nice fish. It was a big bull mahi. It looked to be around 20-25 pounds. It pains me to write this... he spit the hook 10 feet from the boat! At least I know big mahi have arrived.  After that we found a ton of smaller mahi on some floating debris. As you can see from the pictures we could have caught a 100 of them. We only took 4 for some tacos. Make sure you head to the video section to check out some under water footage of the huge school. After we had enough of these mahi we ended up hooking up with a small yellowfin tuna that we quickly released.  Overall it was a great day. It was nice to have my first mate back out there.



Make sure you check out the video section to take a cool look at mahi under water.




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