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Date:          July 13th, 2016












There is a very good BFT bite going on right now at the Coimbra. There is some nice blue water about 10 miles south of the wreck. As soon as conditions allow I will be heading out. Just as long as the wind forecast doesn't contain the letter E. I don't care how light the wind may be, if it has an E in the direction I'm not going. I have been on 3 trips that were miserable. The one common denominator was the EAST wind.


As you can see some really nice size mullet have started to show up. I love taking these guys offshore.


I had a cool little blackfish in my killie trap at the dock. There are also some nice blue crabs starting to show up.


A few years ago I hated eating sashimi, but now I can't eat enough of it. Both rows of fish are BFT from the same fish. The lighter colored slices are the expensive toro cut. It comes from the tuna's belly. The darker slices are known as the akami (loin). I prefer the toro.


If you guys are heading out, shoot me an email if you want to work togther if I'm out on the same day. Perhaps those of us on Fishgaak can all use the same VHF channel.















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