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July 13th, 2018





Looking at the forecast I informed the crew that Friday was going to be a long day. I wanted to get Matt on a shark and a tuna before he heads back to Texas.


The ride out was great. We arrived at the Coimbra to witness a tuna and dolphin feeding at the surface along with one large whale. The top 3 videos are unedited which shows the feeding frenzy. I threw everything at them. Watching big tuna crash the surface and not be able to hook up will haunt me for a long time.


After that things died down except for guys using "planer" rods.  At midday we decided to do some shark fishing. Matt landed a blue shark and a mako. The mako would have been the perfect eating size, however, this year's regulations made it a short. So we cut the hook with a huge pair of bolt cutters that I keep on board and off he went.Thank God for whale spouts! After seeing several in the distance I set my course and before we knew it we were in the middle of several whales that seemed to be on the feed. Finally we get a knock down, however it doesn't come tight. Then another, same result. We finally get one to come tight, however it was a rat so back in it went.  It's getting late and it's almost time to head back. The last thing that I want to do is go through Moriches Inlet during the night. With about 20 minutes to go the port side "widetracker" gets hit. After a few minutes we ice a 40" fish. We packed up and headed home. What a great day. Can't wait to get back out. 


We cruised home at 40 mph listening to 80's hits on XM. Did I mention that I love the boat! Even after being out on the water for 14 hours I still had tons of energy from driving around all day in my comfy seats.















































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