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Date: July 16, 2014




Tide:          Incoming

Time:         10:30 am

Weather:   winds 5-10kts, NW


General Location: Narrows/Moriches


Bait/Lure:   Squid/Gulp/Spearing

Fish:           Fluke(15-20)

Largest::     17"



It was great to be back out on the water. I fished with my  Bob S. We had some action but nothing to get too excited about. We got caught in a nice down pour. Hopefully the rain is over for a few days and I can get back to fishing. Weather permitting, I plan on doing some tuna fishing in the next few days.


We did shark fish on Friday. Had several sharks come into our slick, not one of them touched any of our baits. We even had an 8' hammerhead come in and take a  look.


There is one fish in the ocean that I obsess over.  It is MAHI, aka DORADO, aka DOLPHIN FISH. On our shark trip I had my shot at a big one. I noticed 2 small mahi swimming around our boat. Captain Tony G. handed me a bucktail. I quickly tied it on and added a piece of marckrel to the hook. As I opened the bail and watched the line go deeper, I noticed a BIG shadow come out from under the boat. My heart raced as the silhouette came into focus. Holy **** - it's a huge mahi. As my bucktail drifted beyond eye sight so did the Mahi. As I started to reel up, my line came tight and the drag began to scream. As the mahi started to head for the horizon, my line went slack. The fish was gone. No one to blame but myself. I should have taken my time tying the knot. Lesson learned. It was a tough few nights of sleep knowing that it was my error that cost us a big fish. I can't wait to get deep again knowing that my favorite fish in the ocean has arrived.









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