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Date:          July 16th, 2016


Time:         10:30am

Wind:         Calm

Location:    Coimbra


Fish:          2 BFT






We planned on fishing Sunday however, didn't like the idea of possible thunderstorms in the moring. So we ran around trying to get ready for an afternoon bite.


Already exhausted by the time we pushed off at 10:30. Got to the Coimbra around noon. Tons of bait on top however marked nothing underneath them. Radio chatter told of a good morning bite that we had missed out on. BFT, YFT and Mahi were caught before 11am.


We trolled for just about 6 hours before things turned on. As I headed east of the wreck, I told Gina it was time to pull the plug. So we I pointed the bow north and started to head for the barn. We get a knock down. I'm devastated that it didn't come tight. Low and behold the fish comes right back and slams the same spreader bar that he dislodged from the outrigger on his first pass. A few minutes later Gina sinks the gaff in him boat side and we ice a BFT..


After untangling a few lines we get back on the troll and head right back to the same spot. Same spreader bar, same result. This time Gina straps herself into the harness and it's my time to gaff a fish.


We went 6 hours without a mark on the screen to having a great trip. It may be the first time in my life that we left them biting. We were beat. It was a long day and I really wanted to get through Moriches Inlet while it was still light out.


I'm very proud of us. It's not easy with a 2 man crew trolling 8 rods. Our next boat will have Autopilot. Autopilot would allow the boat to go straight while one fights a fish and the other clears a line.


There are a lot of fish mid-shore, hope some of you guys have been on them.

















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