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July 10th, 2017





Time:          5:30am

Weather:     winds SW 5-10Kts


General Location: Coimbra


Bait/Lure:    Blue/white joe shute

Fish:            Bluefin




Congrats to Steven on a new boat record!

Estimated weight was 128lbs, the fish measured 61"





Steven, Tony, Jake and I hit the Coimbra wreck looking for some tuna. As the bite started to pick up we found ourselves in no man's land. There were fish farther south and now north of us. We picked up and ran to the south. An hour later I felt I made the wrong decision and decided to make another move back north. As we cleared the lines, just like last Monday the way back Joe Shute(blue/white) gets hit. Steven was actually reeling in the line when the fish hit. The fish started to dump the reel while Steven was putting on his belt. I'm sure Steven had no clue what he was in for. He was able to get a lot of line very quickly and then the fish dug in. Steven did a great job on the rod and Tony did a great job instructing me when I needed to move the boat. An hour and a half later Tony sunk a dart into the fish. Game Over!




We picked up and ran back to the wreck however we missed the bite. A great day on the water with a great crew.



















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