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Date:  July 18, 2014

Time:         3:30am

Weather:   winds N @ 10KNTS


General Location: 30 NM South of Shinnecock Inlet


Bait/Lure:  Bars/Jets/Joe Shute lures/Ballyhood

Fish:          15

Largest:     40lbs



Lets start off by saying... Matthew, I'm sorry you missed it by one week. This was what I had planned for us if we had the right weather. You will get 'em next year.


Before we pushed off:


The alarm went off at 1:30am. I would normally bounce up and get excited about the fishing day ahead. However today we would be traveling through the Shinnecock inlet in total dakness. I don't think I will ever be totally comforable on the water in the middle of the night.

Rand and Dave picked me up at 2:30 and we drove out to Shinnecock to jump aboard Rand's boat, the "Aunt B". There are usually three types of people out at that time - drunks, police and fisherman. We made great time, we loaded the boat and were ready to push off.


After we pushed off:


As we slowly made our way to the inlet, we caught a litle break. We were able to follow a dragger into the ocean. With his boat lit up, it allowed us to see what the seas were like. The inlet had a few  small breakers but nothing to get nervous about. As we broke the inlet, the ocean was actually pretty smooth with a few rollers spaced out nicely. Our trip almost came to a quick end when we just missed hitting a high-flyer 2 miles out. We made it to the tuna grounds in great time. We had our spread out before sunrise.


It's time to fish:


The weather actually got a little snotty. Nothing to worry about, just a little uncomfortable. Radio chatter had a few people picking up some fish here and there. We pounded the area for a long time before our first bite. Just before noon one of our reels started to sing the greatest song to a fisherman - it goes something like this.......ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. We are hooked up. I quickly jumped on the rod and ten minutes later Dave sunk a gaff into the fish. Not the fish we were hoping for but it's a start. Two minutes later we come tight on another tuna. This time Dave grabbed the rod and we made quick work getting the fish to the boat and realeasing it. No more than five minutes later Rand was on the rod with another fish that we released. The bite has really turned on at this point. The ocean has come alive. There was bait everywhere along with dolphins, sea turtles and whales. I got back on the rod with another small fish. After a quick release all hell breaks loose. Three rods start to scream. We are only a crew of 3 so that means our hands are already full. As we are trying to get organized, 2 more rods go off. It's a 5 banger! We somehow get all the fish to the boat and sent back to grow. At this point we are exhausted. We put the rods back out and catch a few more shorts. It's now 6:30pm.  The ocean is like a lake and we decide to wrap it up. We never got our triple digit fish, however it was one of my best days of fishing. Thanks to Rand and Dave for inviting me along. I can't wait to do it again. I made it home around 8 and was in bed by 9.



Bluefin tuna regulation


1 fish between 27-46"(known as the under)

1 fish between 47-72"(known as the over)


These are per boat not per person.









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