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Date:          July 21st & 24th, 2015


Time:          5am


Wind:          5kts South


Location:   Coimbra/Linda


Bait/Lure:   Bars/daisy chains/ butterfish


Fish:          4 Tuna/ 2 Mahi



I went out twice last week. My first destination was the Linda Wreck. Earlier in the week a few bluefin tuna were taken in that area. I headed out with just me and my 16 year old nephew Matt O’Brien who was visiting from Austin, Texas. He had never caught anything bigger than a 17 inch fluke. As I was putting the spread out 15 feet behind the boat a huge mako went air-born. Awesome to see, however, I was about to lose some gear. He first grabbed a brand new blue max trolling lure from Hogy. I was praying he was going to leave. He did, but not until he made another quick pass and shredded a daisy chain. Thankfully the mako left my four spreader bars intact. After those few minutes of excitement the rest of the day was uneventful. Matt would have to wait until Friday to catch his first tuna. With Friday’s forecast we were going to find Matt his tuna. Gina also joined us for our trip. I headed about 12 miles SE of the Coimbra. Within an hour Matt landed his first tuna. It was a small yellowfin. He would later catch another yellowfin. Gina and I each landed a tuna on the troll before we tried a little day chunking. The hot lure of the day was a Hogy 6 inch flexi spreader bar. The color was green. It only makes sense seeing that the tuna we caught were spitting up sand eels. 10 minutes into chunking we had a run-off. I quickly grabbed the reel and started turning the handle. I was pumped to see it was a nice mahimahi. As Matthew was in the process of gaffing his first fish the rod next to Gina doubled over. Gina was also hooked up with a nice mahimahi. Her fish turned out to be a little bigger than mine. It weighed in at 16.5 pounds. Overall it was a great day. The ocean was like a lake on our way home.

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