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July 21st-July 27th, 2017



Here is a re-cap of our nephew Matt's 10 day visit:




Friday July 21st, we spent the morning clamming.


Saturday July 22nd, Matt, Gina, Tony and I headed to the Coimbra. It was a bust. In fact it was worse than getting skunked because the place was infested with big bluefish. A lot of lost ballyhoo and rigging up new gear.


Sunday July 23rd, Slept in, then headed to the RMB to do some fluke fishing. Great day on the water with tons of shorts and one keeper.


Tuesday July 25th, We once again went fluke fishing. A little slower than Sunday but still a great day on the water with some shorts and one keeper.


Thursday July 26th, Headed offshore on Tony's boat. About 10am one of the guys on board spotted a 55 gallon drum floating just below the surface. We pulled in the trolling gear and set up hoping to catch some mahi. There were plenty of mahi but they had lock jaw. Before we got back up on the troll Tony had me tie a buoy off to the drum. We had hoped to find it again on our way home. We ran into a dragger that had some tuna busting behind it however we weren't able to entice them to feed.  Believe it or not  on the way home we did find that drum agian. However this time they were in the mood to feed. We had a blast catching a bunch of mahi on light tackle.


Friday July 27th, We decided to sleep in and look for mahi around 8:30am. The ocean was a little tight inshore but as we made our way out things laid down. About 10 miles out we found what we were looking for, a weed line with a bunch of branches entangled within. We pulled a few mahi out and continued to look for bigger fish. Once again we hit pay dirt when we found an old wooden box that had a ton of life under it.These mahi were  bigger. Twice we had on fish that look like they were pushing 20lbs. We settled on a couple of 10lb fish. The ocean was flat and we headed for the barn around 3pm. Great way to end Matt's 2017 fishing visit.


Matt starts his freshman year at University of Oklahoma in a few weeks. He will be part of their ROTC program. I wish him well and want him to know that we are proud of him. I'm already looking forward to his vistit next year.



















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