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Date:  July 22, 2014

Time:        5:00am

Weather:   winds sw @ 15KNTS


General Location: 30 NM South of Moriches Inlet


Bait/Lure:  Bars/Jets/Joe Shute lures/Ballyhoo

Fish:          4

Largest:     35lbs







Left the dock at first light. As me and Gina made our way down the the canal we picked up Sal and Steven . The bay and the ocean were nice and flat. We made great time getting to the tuna grounds. It didn't take long before 2 of our rods began to scream. Sal grabbed one and Steven the other. In a matter of minutes we had a keeper tuna in the fish box. Sal's fish was released. We came tight on 2 more fish all before 8:30am. I thought we were going to have an insane bite however little did we know we wouldn't catch another fish for the rest of the day. As we headed home the ocean got real snotty. A 32 mile run in windy conditions takes a toll on your body


Gina, Steven and Sal (who caught his first tuna ever) did a great job. The bottom right picture is me pointing out my great gaff shoot. NO MEAT WASTED.










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