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July 22nd 2020



We got a late start because I wanted to make sure we weren't going to cross paths with any thunderstorms. I was not happy as we get about 30 miles out and sure enough here comes a bleeping wall of fog. On the radio it sounded like a really good BFT bite going on. A lot of overs however guys on the radio kept talking about being sharked. Once again I wanted YFT. As the saying don't always get what you want. With no YFT in the box I headed back north to see if we can get in on the good bluefin bite.  Sure enough I spot a bunch of tuna chicks pecking away over a big slick. As we approached we could smell the bluefin feeding. Chris then spots a school swimming on the top. It's nice when other guys can pick out "funny water." I went over the school and sure enough a Sterling Tackle wide tracker gets lit up. Twenty minutes later we heave a 56" BFT over the rail. I figured we would be in the area for a while until I pulled up my satellite weather on my display. Yuck! there is a weather box over NJ that is loaded with lightening strikes and the arrows are pointing our way. There is a good chance that these storms will die off. However lightening scares the crap out of me. So despite just finding the fish I make the call to "run today to fish another day."  Thankfully the fog lifted about five miles from where we started to head home. About a mile out we got boarded by the DEC. They also had a couple of CG guys on board. All good, the CG guys cared about safety issues while the DEC guy wanted to see what we caught. Just as I pulled into the inlet my display started to beep. It was a weather warning that I entered another weather box. That means storms can pop up at anytime while you are in the box. I haven't reeled in many fish this year but I'm very grateful that my crew has.  

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