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Date:          July 24th, 2016


Time:          4:30am


Location:    Coimbra Wreck


Fish:          5 Mahi/ 1 BFT






I am very proud of my crew today. They stayed positive and worked hard (most of the time).


Very few fish were being caught so it didn't look too promising. However we did get a shot early in the day. We had to make a tough choice. Let the fish spool us or put the boat in neutral. Of course we choose to back down on the throttle. The good news was we didn't get spooled. The bad news was the fish spit the hook. Tough to lose a big fish that way.


After picking up 3 small mahi, we came tight on 2 decent size fish. Matt and Gina did a great job getting these fish to the boat.


I informed the crew that we would be packing up in 5 minutes. on. Matt did a good job on the rod. He was well rested after his second nap.


Not the biggest fish but always grateful to bring home some meat.


The 2 bigger mahi were taken on black bart lures. No Ballyhoo. The tuna hit a small squid bar. The big fish that we lost also hit a black bart.























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