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July 24th 2021



We pushed off at 2am to a flat moonlit ocean. We went deep. We fished an area called the Dip/Lobster Claw. we had plenty of action. Two different times we had three fish on at once.  As the day went on the ocean really flattened out. We caught 9 longfin (kept 5) 2 small yellowfin and a bunch of mahi. All of the tuna except for one was caught on Sterling wide-trackers and daisy chains. The tuna were spitting up micro sized squid.


It was so nice out that Gina decided to just chill and sit on the bow.


We were also able to see a waterspout in the distance. 

Chris continues to step up his game and Daniel is awesome to have on the boat. So glad that Gina was on this trip!








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