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Date: July 25, 2014




Tide:          Outgoing

Time:         12:30 pm

Weather:   winds 5-10kts, NW


General Location: FI Reef


Bait/Lure:   Gulp/Clams

Fish:           Black seabass(15-20)

Largest::     14"



I thought we were going to have a great day. The fish and the wind had other plans. As soon as we arrived at the reef we were into black seabass. The bite didn't last long as the wind and tide made our drift too fast to stay above the wreck. Most of the fish were shorts. We did catch a couple of legal sized fish (13"). However we tossed those back also. I prefer at least 15" fish that have enough meat on them to provide a decent meal. Bob S. had several of those double hook ups that he is holding. The picture below him shows just how many fish were down below.









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