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July 25th 2020



What a great day! On our way to where we caught yellowfin tuna last Saturday we see tons of whale spouts to the west. About a mile away we drop in. It didn't take long, in fact we only had two lines out. Gina was first up. As she is fighting her fish while we are in forward neutral  going only 3 knots a yellowfin hits the other lure in the water. Neither of these fish made it to the boat. We got sharked.  We stayed away from all of the whales and dolphins and worked away from the fleet. When we arrived there were only two other boats. They were jigging and popping. An hour later there were 40 boats. With all of the boat traffic the bite slowed down. I made a decision to head back towards the numbers from last Saturday. We were about 2 miles from my numbers when I started to second guess my decision to leave an area where we caught fish. So before I turned the boat around I pulled out my secret weapon. Over the winter I bought a pair of Fujinon stabilization binoculars. I calmly placed them back into the case and went to put on my belt. It's pretty amazing to see tuna chicks from two miles away. Once again we were back into the fish. It's been awhile since I reeled in a fish. The crew did a great job as we iced up another nice yellowfin. Next up was Gina. At this point she was 0-2 on the day. I am very proud that she didn't quit. In my eyes she truly is one of a kind. When her fish hit the deck all of us had big grins on our faces.


We started the day trolling 7 rods. By the end we were only using 5. Everything was caught on Sterling Tackle gear. This is the second trip in a row I didn't bother with any ballyhoo. Once again the big fish of the trip goes to 13 year old Sean. That didn't impress me. I already know that he can fish. With Brian and Chris both on the rod I looked to Sean to leader the fish. If you watch the video you will see that he did a great job. My body is sore but I'm already looking forward to our next adventure. 

Instead of a lucky rabbit's foot we brought out the entire rabbit. Cloud photo.  Sean's photo looks to be magazine cover material.  Hopefully this won't be the last time you see it. 

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