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It's been awhile since my last post. Since the last time I posted I got sick and also had back to back unsuccessful offshore trips. I didn't want to make it a third so I went way east looking for the fish.


On the two trips to the east with hooked up with our 1st giant ever. we hooked up with our 2nd giant ever and we hooked up with our 3rd giant ever. Notice that I didn't say landed. Here is the crazy part. If you add up all the time it took when we started to jig and hook into a giant it may have totaled 15 minutes. The time that we fought these three fish was 5 HOURS! Two of them on Sunday we got to at least see the fish. The one on Tuesday came nowhere near the boat. 


 After we lost the giant on Tuesday I wanted no part of another one so I  pointed the boat south. Thankfully we found a more manageable fish. JP got the bite and went the distance. I was so pumped for JP. He does a lot of the grunt work on the boat so it was nice to see him land a fat 54" BFT. After that it was mahi time. With the size that we came across I think this will end up being a great mahi year. JP once again pulled a nice 20 pounder on a popper. 

I put up a few videos of us fight the giants. There is also a video that I sound absolutely miserable. That was filmed on Tuesday as we were hooked up a giant again. 

The other two videos are just 4 hours apart. The ocean can truly turn on a dime. The guys in the back on bean bags had no idea at what Chris and I were looking at. They saw sunny skies, we saw dark clouds. The storm got us but thankfully we had just got in the inlet. Had XM sat weather up the whole time praying it would head north. Luckily the heavy stuff did. 







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