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Offshore July 27th 2022


Once again I found myself aboard The Three Privateers.  It was a tough day. However, its always a good day when someone catches their first tuna. Congrats on AJ (photo on the right) who caught his first and second tuna. Chris had the big fish of the day. All fish were caught on the troll. We had a few more that were rats so back they went. Thanks JP once again for driving me around the ocean.


I got hit with another really bad headache. So on the way out I decided to sit in a bean bag. 10 minutes into the ride out I realized just how lucky my crew is. Kudos to all of us that sit behind the wheel for 12+ hours a trip.

Our nephew Matthew had to push of his visit because of the boat not being ready. Hopefully when he arrives in late August the boat will be ready!














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