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Date:          July 29th, 2015


Time:          9am


Wind:          5kts South


Location:   SE of Shinnecock


Bait/Lure:   top water plugs and meat


Fish:          10  Mahi



Gina and I jumped on a chance to fish aboard the "Aunt B"  with Rand Marshall and his 5 year old son Bennett. Talk about a great way to escape the heat. We left Jackson's Marina in Hampton Bays about 9am. We were planning on doing an inshore troll looking for some tuna or mahimahi. As we entered a flat windless ocean we were treated to a huge school of porpoises feeding on bunker. In the mix were also two sunfish. 


It didn't take long for us to find some mahi. Bennett quickly caught his first ever. We could have easliy caught 20-30 fish however we spent the day trying to get the big ones to bite. I ended the day with a couple of respectable fish, however, we left a few big ones to live another day. Awesome day on the water. Thanks for the invite Rand.

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