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July 2nd , 2018





Flat calm conditions. I have never seen so much life. From the Texes Tower to The Coimbra. Thats 35 miles of whales, dolphins, birds, sharks and some tuna.


We didn't hook up despite finding a huge school of tuna on top. We trolled right next to them and nothing!


We left at 4:30am and returned home at 6:30pm. The boat is awesome. we covered 208 miles and avg 1.73 mpg. For a boat that travels about 40 MPH while on plane is insane. We burned only 120 gallons of gas for 14 hours of use.


Video #1 Found a log with a ton of what I think are barrel fish


Video#2 one of many dolphin pods on the move


Video#3 A whale scares the you know what out of me


Video#4 Shows an adult whale trying to teach a calf how to slap the surface with its tail. We kept our distance.


Video#5 Shows a hammerhead shark . Towrds the end of the video you get a really cool look at it.



The craziest thing about today occured just 10 miles out on the way home. Out of know where a bird hits our starboard winshield. We stopped the boat and after a few minutes the bird flew away.














































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