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Date:  July 3, 2014




Tide:          Incoming

Time:         8:30 am

Weather:   winds 10knts S


General Location: In fron of CG station at FI


Bait/Lure:   Gulp/Spearing/Squid

Fish:           Fluke(20+)

Largest::     31" 11.25lbs



Comments: HOLY COW!! what a great week I'm having. In the past 5 days I have taken down 2 boat records. I earned that fish today. With bad weather on the horizon I needed to find a bite in the bay. I have  my nephew Matthew coming for 10 days and he wants to catch fish. 


I was happy when I caught that 19" keeper around 9am this morning. I continued to work the same area for the next 3 hours. I would start my drift in 20' of water, I would then drift over a sand bar that was 3' deep, then end up in 20' of water on the backside. It was awesome to watch fluke going after your bait in 3' of water. When a small fish would come up I would pull my bait away and wait for a bigger one. Early in the drift I went super light weight. 1/2oz jighead with gulp, squid, and spearing. Once the tide picked up I switched over to a hi-lo rig.


I just kept doing the same drift over and over. I was looking for another keeper.


When I hooked the beast I knew it was a nice fish. Then for a split second I thought I snagged the bottom because it was so heavy.  That thought was quickly proven wrong when he did the fluke head shake.  The fish had my rod tip in the water. I knew at this point it was a BIG fluke. I shuffled my feet over to where the net was. I was praying to just get one glimpse of him. My heart was racing.. I saw color, holy %^%^$ its huge. I loosened the drag a little so he wouldn't pop the line. I got the net ready. I got him to the top and I struggled with the big net that I have. Oh _____(insert every curse word) I can't get him in. I uttered the words " please baby Jesus, its my birthday, let me land this fish." .As the fish dove back down,  I regrouped. At this point I looked like an eagle with its wings spread sideways with my rod in my left hand and the net in the right.  Here he comes... I got him to slide along the top of the water, I stretched as far as I could and into the net he went -  I couldn't believe my eyes.


0fficailly weighed in at 11lbs 4 oz.  A once in a lifetime fish..


New Boat record Kirk..11.25lbs Fluke






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