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July 31st 2021



With the hard NW winds I decided to push off around 5am. We ran into the Patchogue River and grabbed a bunch of peanuts for bait. We arrived to the AP area about 8am. There were about 50 boats. I started to get worried before we even started fishing. The chatter on the radio clearly told the picture that there was no bite. About an hour into fishing someone on the radio said they picked up a yellow on the troll. Half an hour later we found ourselves trolling south 7 miles from the fleet.  We doubled up on small yellowfin. With the bite being tough it was nice to ice two fish even though they were on the small side. An hour later we got another yellow. It was bigger than the others. Our last bite will cause me to lose some sleep. I didn't realize what I had on until it was too late.  The fish fought very different from a tuna. The fish was just deep enough to see a bright long silver shape. All of a sudden the fish spits the hook. I reel up and check the leader. If it was a shark, the line would have had been chaffed. It was not. That means I probably lost my first wahoo ever.  Dan and Gina did all the dirty work. I felt good throughout the entire day. 

That black insect thing was what one of the yellowfin was spitting up.

Dan takes dramamine so it knocks him out a lot when the fishing is slow.

The person under all of that clothes is GINA!!









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