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Date:          July 3rd, 2016


Time:          4:37 am 

Wind:         NW-SW 10kts, Flat

Location:    Coimbra

Lure:          Lures/ballyhoo

Fish:          0






It was a great day despite the fact that we caught nothing. Had several knock-downs but nothing came tight. On three different occasions we had a mako come through our spread.


Click on the top right photo to see just how close we were to hooking one of the mako.


It may not seem like much but..the top left screen shot is amazing. We didn't mark anything until that bleep showed up on the screen. As Gina was grabbing two redbulls for a "let's bring in the spread and head home" pick me up, that mark appeared on the screen. Before I finished saying it would be great if a rod went did. As I looked back all I saw was a huge hole in the water. The reel began to sing but it was short lived. However, whatever it was, it came back again and the same thing happened. What the (&#(@#*&!@*!! He was gone after that.


I heard on the radio that there were BFT about 10 miles south of the wreck.


We saw turtles, a sunfish and a small shark on the surface. However we were missing the dolphins and whales.















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