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July 5th 2020



Either Gina has a screw loose or she loves me a tremendous amount. There aren't a lot of women that would get up at 1am, run through the bay in darkness and then run 55 miles once again in total darkness  into the ocean. Oh by the way, the photo on the right is her splicing a loop in hollow core for me. It was just Gina and I today so we decided to troll 7 rods instead of 9. It was the right decision.  Even with just 7 rods it's a lot of work when you are hooked up. We arrived around the Bacardi area just as it started to get light. The only thing that we found were tuna chicks. So I decided to head towards the Texas Tower. Halfway there I turned around. The more I thought about it the more I was convinced that there must be tuna under all of those tuna chicks that I saw.  I'm glad I turned around. We ended the day with 3 nice size unders. Two were caught on Sterling widetrackers and one was caught on a blue/white Joe Shute.  We pulled the plug early knowing the winds were expected to pick up. The ride through the bay was like a video game. I have never seen so many boats! The ride home in the bay was way more stressful than running 55 miles in the dark! We have had some weather. I can't believe how many tuna trips I have already done. It looks my body may get some rest. I'm ok with that!







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